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- At the moment, we support online payment through Paypal wallet, Credit/Debit Card(Visa/Master) at link Payment

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- We are "Online Startup Supporting Center", we hope that we will help many guys who want to start up but without much necessary knowleadge about technology. We used to be without that and right now we are here to support and accompany with you.

- Beside some of incentives services, and we also have many other fee services.

- We hope that we will bring to you many incentives, many saving about financial, about time, and many good spending to help you start up easily and more success.

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Support international payment information


There are two ways to ready for international payment:

1. Make more Visa, Master card

- Of course, you had one local bank account, and had one local card for transaction at ATM machines. It is very easy to make more one Visa or Master card. You only need to local bank, require them make for you one Visa or Master card for your bank account above, any type of cards are ok. It takes about a few days but not long, and fee for making the card is not much.

- You can choose Visa and Master, any type of them are ok. Visa and Master are two famous international payment brands on the world.

2. Only want to use local bank account

- In this case, you must have one international payment wallet account such Paypal or Skrill.

- Use one email address such Google mail to create one wallet account, for example Paypal. Then, you can add your local bank account information to your Paypal wallet, do some confirmation information, and then you can deposit some money to ready for international payment in the future.

- Some steps are only simply as that.

Every informations relate to payment, please don't hesite to contact with us via email to get consult and support.

You can see more some payment informations when you click this link