Business technology solutions

Mobile app for searching product source for retailer

Currently, there are many small businesses and individuals on the internet and on social networks. They often have difficulty finding the right source for their business, such as price, origin, color, quality, etc. So where is the place to focus the source of goods, the most reliable place for business individuals to choose the right product for their retail purposes. So what is the solution to build this system? Please read more to understand how to build it ...

Film mobile app and how to put ads for increase income

Your idea is to build a mobile application to watch movies online, then place ads of advertising services such as Google, Facebook or any other advertising company. This idea is very good, because mobile is an indispensable device for many people, especially movies is a entertainment service that attracts viewers. So what is the solution to build this system? Please read more to understand how to build it ...

Teach knowledge by video on mobile app

You are a teacher, lecturer, you have a valuable knowledge training program, you want to sell this knowledge to customers in need. But today, potential customers spend most of their time on smart devices like smartphones and tablets. Of course you have to build a website system to introduce you, about your products, services, about your courses, but that is not enough, because most people will want to learn your knowledge. via apps installed on their smart devices, so they can learn anytime, anywhere, not just depending on a computer or laptop. So what is the solution, please read more to understand more about this solution.

How to put ads on mobile app to increase income

You have a few simple ideas but you can increase your income, for example, you want a mobile application to collect good stories, good novels, in general, the content of the stories is attractive and appealing to readers. . Or an idea of something that makes your readers review it many times. This is a good opportunity for you and then you will place ads Google Admod, or Facebook Ads, these are advertising services that can give you good income on this mobile application. The more your readers watch, the more times your ad will appear, just like on youtube, you will have an income from here. So the solution is like, please read more to find the answer for you ...

Manage order of Blog, Landpage by Mobile app

You will track the instant orders of customers sent to them when they place an order directly on your Blog, Landpage how fast, easy, and not on Facebook, not on the computer? You only need a small mobile application to solve this problem, this mobile application you do not need to put on Google Play, just for you and your employees to immediately manage orders, customer requests. goods anywhere and anytime. Please read more to understand this simple solution.

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