Bussiness with Blog

Promote products to other companies

There are 3 forms of business with Blog:

1. Advertising placement for rent

2. Promote products to other companies

3. Sell your products

In this article we will talk about the first way "Promote products to other companies". Please read on to learn more ...

Use Ultraviewer to support visually from far through computer

Sometimes I need someone to help me right away through the screen when using a computer. This is called remote assistance. So is there any tool to help me with someone who can help me accomplish this easily?

Have. It's the Ultraviewer software, which helps people remotely support online via computer screens. Please read more to know how this tool works?

Use Trello.com to manage project in a team

Any work that is made of 2 or more people is often called a project, 2 or more people to form a team. But for the team to work effectively, there must be a really scientific and flexible assignment of work.

Currently, the team can share a room, but it can also be in a very remote place, so it needs a team management application, general task management, shared work assignment, sharing. General information for all team members can work easily and quickly. The application must also be synchronized on all computer devices, laptops, tablets, mobile.

Trello is an application like that ... Please read more to use it for your work

Cut, Crop image for Blog|Landpage by Gimp graphic software

Cutting, adjusting the image size and image size for Blog | Landpage is not always easy if you do not know how to use some professional graphics software.

There is 1 graphical software specializing in doing the task mentioned above very easily and quickly, its name is Gimp

Its outstanding feature is Free, Lightweight and strong not less than famous Photoshop. We will use Gimp to do some adjustments on any image ... Read on to practice it

What is Blog?

Blog is a new word for many countries, but in the world, this word is very popular. So what is a blog, what is the purpose of a blog and why is it so popular ...

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