Tips of Online payment security

What should I make the card as opening the bank account ?

Opening a bank account is very simple, just prepare your identity card, or Passport, you can do it immediately and within a few days, immediately receive a cash card from an ATM. But there are many types of cash card. We wonder what kind to do when we first open a bank account. Please read more to understand this content ...

Swift code of Vietnamese banks

Swift code of banks in Vietnam is a special code to identify the identity of a bank in Vietnam when people participate in international payment transactions. Usually when people create an international electronic wallet such as Paypal, Skrill, Payoneeer, etc. to make international payment transactions in the function of withdrawing money to a bank, depositing money from a bank, this Swift code is needed to be used. Please read more to know the list of Swift code at Vietnamese banks ...

Tips for security Visa, Master Card as payment online

Card security, bank account information when making payments online is extremely important, but most people do not pay attention to this. Assuming there is a case like this, how should we be secure? We pay the service company, but to ensure their privacy policy, they ask us to provide a copy of the front and back of the card. Of course we will provide, but we will hide some necessary information on both sides of the card to ensure our safety later. Please read on to understand how to safely use Visa, Master ...

Should I use Paypal wallet for international payment ?

Paypal is a famous, popular and secure international payment electronic wallet in the world. In Vietnam, Ngan Luong e-wallet is similar in function.

If anyone who has activities related to shopping, receiving money, transferring money from other countries together knows how to use this Paypal e-wallet.

Paypal is an electronic wallet that transfers money and receives money for domestic banks via international payment cards such as Visa, Master.

To better understand whether or not to use Paypal international payment wallet, please read more to determine whether or not to use it ...?

Knowledge about international payments

Today international payments to buy products worldwide are inevitable. The convenience, quickly help people buy, sell, convert and pay money very easily. But one thing is sure that not everyone understands the most basic things about international payments, even many people get confused and cause loss of money when using this form. Please read on to learn more ...

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