How to rental position to put Ads banner on Blog ?

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How to rental position to put Ads banner on Blog ?

1. When to start leasing advertising positions

- Advertising is when there are readers to see your posts, when your blog attracts a lot of readers, it is time to rent ads. However, there are readers to view, that is, have the number of views, with the number of views as prescribed to have income, if readers click on the ad, this view is more valuable in terms of income.

- In summary, we can immediately position ads on our Blog when posted.

2. Who will hire a position on our Blog?

- There are many companies want us to place their ads, but among them only a few companies have better income policy, we will choose some of the best companies to rent ad position. .

- The most famous is Google, Google has 1 advertising service is Google Adsense, this service for Blog has income from renting ad position better than other companies.

- First we will register a Google Adsense account, preview some of the conditions of participation, our rights and obligations in the process of participation. Then, Google Adsense will consider our eligibility to rent banner ad placement.

- If the two sides have a good deal, Google Adsense will provide us with some information to place the banner on our Blog, and how to place the position, we will decide later, this is very simple. Simplified.

- In addition to Google, there are also some other famous companies like Facebook, but at the present time Google Adsense has the best profit rate. Therefore, you should regularly update the advertising income policy of each company to choose the best company from time to time. Companies' policies may change from time to time, so not always at this point in time, the profitability of a company being the best will always be the best, remember that what This depends on the company's business and marketing policies.

- Ad position from Google Adsense or from Facebook, or from any other company can be advertised on the Blog, on the regular Website but can also place ads on our Mobile application to increase more. profit. Currently, the market share for mobile use is very large, so you should also learn about placing ads on your mobile application. If you have a good idea, a lot of readers, you can absolutely place ads, get good income from the mobile application. That is, just put ads on the Blog, Website, just put ads on mobile applications, our income will double at the same time.

3. How will income be calculated?

- Blog income depends on the payment policy of our colocation blog company.

- There are a few formulas that calculate this, but overall they will count on the number of views. For example, 1000 views will be charged $ 0.05, where if there are effective views then 1000 views will be calculated $ 0.09. The effective view count is beyond the number of people who click on it to go to the actual service page or product.

- The basic calculation is so, but it depends heavily on other conditions such as: advertising budget of the company you want to advertise, geographic location, time of advertising, etc. There are a few. Factors that govern the revenue of a view. But with good quality posts, these elements only have a small effect. Our main problem is to focus on writing well the content of the Blog is the core issue for the best income.

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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