How to use Visa, Master card the safest

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How to use Visa, Master card the safest

1. How to use regular Visa, Master card

- After opening a domestic bank account, we should ask the bank to make international payment cards Visa, Master instead of domestic cards. Because in addition to simple domestic functions such as withdrawing money from ATMs, Visa international payment cards, Master also can do more things like, withdraw money from foreign ATMs when we travel, pay directly. When buying goods abroad, receive money, transfer money abroad and from abroad. Therefore, please remember to ask the bank to immediately make Visa, Master cards instead of domestic cards.

- However, when paying online with Visa card, Master has 2 cases that we need to pay attention to the security of our bank account:

+ Case 1: There are some websites providing services and products with payment pages that require buyers to enter Visa and Master card information, meaning that they are collecting their payment information, which means that Is your bank account may have certain risks. In this case, if the website is reputable, our information is secure. Conversely, there are some reputable websites, our information will be a bit risky.

+ Case 2: There are a number of websites providing services and products with payment pages that require buyers to pay via e-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer or a link to transfer payment information to wallet pages. this electronic. In this case it is very safe, why? These e-wallet sites are very reputable and very famous. Before using these e-wallets for payment, the e-wallets require us to add Visa, Master cards to the e-wallet to verify the origin of the card, verify the domestic bank we are using, It also makes a real money transaction of about 1 to 2 dollars to verify all information related to this Visa, Master Card. Therefore, the task of electronic wallets is to protect us to be a safe layer. The second layer of security is: websites that provide services and products that allow us to pay via electronic wallets, the websites themselves must also verify their wholesale accounts. when they receive payment from customers. In addition, e-wallets are intermediaries to ensure and neutralize all problems related to international payments. Therefore, these websites are well aware of their business. And this is also the protective layer for our Visa, Master cards.

2. The safest way to use Visa, Master card

- In the above 2 cases, the second case is the safest, of course in case 1, if the website offers reputable services and products that we have carefully investigated their information, the payment The math is still safe.

- The safest part here is to prevent the worst case scenario that we need a reputable intermediary to keep our money safe for us and when necessary we will get our money back. . And e-wallets will help us solve this very well.

- Therefore, if you have international payment transactions, and already have Visa, Master cards before, you should use any electronic wallet such as Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, etc ... Address, add Visa, Master card information for that e-wallet, all security and safety issues for the bank account, for our card already have e-wallet to take care of.

- When dealing, if the website provides any services or products that support payment via the above digital wallets, we believe that this website is also safe. And with just a few simple steps, we can pay easily, quickly and very securely.

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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