Manage order of Blog, Landpage by Mobile app

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Manage order of Blog, Landpage by Mobile app

1. Small problems to be solved

- This problem does not use social networks for customers to order.

- Suppose you have a Blog, Landpage or a general sales website. You organize out a number of promotions, promotions, get customer information, or simply order form for customers to enter information. You will retrieve this information to process and communicate with customers.

- Normally you will have to go to the admin page of Blog, Landpage, or general sales website to see the information that customers have just sent. Of course, you need at least one person to sit at your computer to track customer information. This is good but lacks the time flexibility, manages customer information passively and of course will slowly process the information for the customer. But the more instant we interact with our customers, the faster we will have the more customers, and the more customers we will retain.

- Suppose you also want to be flexible in using the time and place for different jobs and still keep track of customer requests whenever you have a smartphone on hand. .

- Also assuming that the customer order function is not always supported by facebook, there are many functions to get customer information that we want to have an application of our own.

- Tracking messages, managing and focusing customer information on Blog, Landpage or your website is safer on managing customers on social networks. If you let customers sign up for information via facebook, for example, you may have shared potential customer information with others, of course the other person here is facebook first.

- In short, the problem is how to receive instant messages via smartphones when customers order or send a request for product services via registration form, order form, request form that we do not Always sit in front of the computer. Or assign one employee or many employees to manage different order forms. This requires a small solution below:

2. What is the solution?

- Build a mobile application to receive small messages connected to the order form, customer registration form, or any form on your Blog, Landpage or general website. So you can receive instant ordering messages on the phone that promptly process orders, customer requests 1 quickly, and efficiently.

- You can give any of your employees to track instant messages of customer orders via this app.

3. Scope of application

- This newsletter application applies to all areas that get customer information directly on the Blog, Landpage or all types of websites in general.

4. Install right on the phone, no need to put on Google Play, Apple Store

- You will immediately install this application on your phone or the employees without operating costs or need to put on Google Play

- GooS will advise and build you this application with a discount for the program below

- Any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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