Mobile app for searching product source for retailer

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Mobile app for searching product source for retailer

1. Math problem

- A lot of online business deals take place daily, business people, business houses. But to get a good source of goods that brings a lot of profits to retailers, this is not an easy task.

- Certainly there are many sources on the internet, but most people find it hard to find the right place and the right business goals.

- To sell a lot of effective products today, one thing is for sure that if one owns and takes advantage of good technology, he or she will quickly succeed than others.

- If you are an experienced person or just starting to supply goods to retailers, you want to have a website + mobile app so that it can easily bring the source of goods farther and more popular for sellers. odd. Whatever your source of supply in any field, technology will still be an indispensable tool for you to market more effectively.

- Of course retailers will love this, because they easily choose the right product, rich, comparable prices are reasonable for their business goals.

- More specifically, you can also let others supply their goods to your website system, you will charge or implement a business strategy for this. If you give others the source of this system, you will increase the competitiveness of the categories, you will gain a lot of profit when the retailer buys a good source with a better, faster price.

- So to build a system according to the above idea, GooS would suggest some information below so you have a good plan for building your website + mobile system:

2. Solution

- First, you need to prepare a clear plan for building this system, as well as a marketing plan for many people to know.

- Start building a website system, this website is both a place to upload and update information about the content of the goods and products that you have prepared. On this website, of course, it will present all sources of goods for retailers to search.

- Website system can be a place for retailers, other suppliers to create accounts for you to manage related information.

- Website will have search engine, analyzer, product filter, product source according to certain criteria that you give.

- Website will have an online payment system to help people easily transact.

- Build a mobile application and connect the product content and sources to the website above for retailers to view and select the easiest product.

- Put the mobile app on Google Play or Apple Store for everyone to be ready to use

- After completing the system, you can start implementing marketing strategies all over the internet, on social networks.

- Therefore, if you want to know more information, please do not hesitate to contact GooS via email for advice and support.

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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