Promote products to other companies

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Promote products to other companies

1. This is another name for the business "Affiliate Marketing"

- This is a business trend today, because this form helps people who have little or no capital to run their own business and can increase their income in this form.

- Many companies have products to sell, but to sell well in a very competitive time requires a strong and professional sales force, but this does not seem to be the company. also do it. Therefore, companies make a policy of selling a percentage of commissions, called sales, to them. This is a good way for companies because it helps the company quickly cover products everywhere exponentially without promoting and hiring business personnel. This way also helps many people do not need to prepare capital and still sell products they do not have.

- For mutually beneficial cooperation, bloggers only need a Blog, get product information of those companies, can buy products to use first, evaluate products with advantages and disadvantages, or learn in depth about the product and talk about all that I know about the product to attract readers, put the product link that those companies provide on the post, if any readers need it, they will Click the link for the successful purchase link and Blogger will have% of the original deal commission.

- Bloger's main task is to write articles about the product, prepare good knowledge about what you know about the product and attract readers, place product link links, and wait for readers to buy successfully.

- The placement of banner products from any other company can not only be promoted on the Blog, on the regular Website but can also place ads on our Mobile application to increase profits. Currently, the market for mobile usage is very large, so you should also learn about placing banner products on your mobile application. If you have a good idea, a lot of readers, you can absolutely place product banners, get good income from the mobile application. That is, just put ads on the Blog, Website, just put ads on mobile applications, our income will double at the same time.

2. How will income be calculated?

- Blogger income depends on commission policy when discussing with companies that have products. We need to find out many companies to know which companies, products with the highest percentage of commissions that get their affiliate links to put on their Blog.

- If the Blog is global, that is, there are other languages, the possibility of income will be much higher.

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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