Sell products yourself from the Blog

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Sell products yourself from the Blog

1. In this form, we are really a business owner

- If we choose this form, it means that we have a long-term plan for the business and we have also prepared a certain amount of capital for this business.

- What products we want to sell, how to invest, who we sell, we decide everything.

- Blogs are still an effective tool to attract readers for the purpose of selling as many products as possible.

- Normally, people only build a shop, display on it all products and sell passively, run ads, and wait for customers to come to their shop. But really this is not strong enough to attract customers, retain customers so that customers will return to buy products again.

- Just having a shop displaying products, just having a blog talking on the same website, sharing products with customers, telling stories, experiences and bringing customers to their showrooms. A perfect combination of storytelling and selling, it will certainly be much more effective than passively selling the product. Since this is done by everyone, we need to invest in a slightly different business, a little more unique, a little more professional, surely we will sell more products than others.

- So you are both a Blogger and a Seller, this is the perfect combination.

2. What should be prepared to sell your own product?

- Capital capital

- Blog and Shop on the same Website 1.

- Facebook Fanpage to bridge readers to Blog and Shop.

- Write ... share ... sell ... write ... share ... sell. Do this expertly and professionally.

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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