Teach knowledge by video on mobile app

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Teach knowledge by video on mobile app

1. Math problem

- You have 1 or more valuable courses, of course you will not want to share for free on youtube or similar social networking sites, you want to sell these courses at a reasonable price, you want to be the owner. legal, intellectual efforts you make. You want your customers to be everywhere, not just near where you live.

- You have prepared lesson plans, video lectures, you have prepared a campaign, marketing strategy for your business, but you do not know how to prepare the technology platform to deliver those lectures. into valuable products. You will not fully understand the market, the tastes, the technology used by the user and so on.

- What you want is simply how to make your video lectures more popular, more people sign up for, and your customers must be really easy to use, can be learned anytime, anywhere without depending entirely on the computer or laptop.

- If you have a good technology for your solution, you can be more than 50% successful, the rest is related to marketing strategy, all ancillary issues related to this strategy.

- The best solution for teaching technology is for people to learn easily, anytime, anywhere with their smart devices, to do this GooS advises you 1 solution below:

2. Solution

- First, you must prepare a lecture plan, a specific marketing plan, clearly

- Next, your lecture videos must be ready to create lecture packages to suit the needs of many customers.

- Next you need to build a website system to receive student information, payment information, video information of lectures, lecture packages and upload on this website.

- In this website system, it is possible for students to directly study or can instruct students to learn directly on mobile teaching applications.

- Build a teaching mobile application that connects data information from the website to put all lectures on the mobile application.

- When students register, you can let students choose whether to study on the website or on the mobile application.

- A teaching system, if only a website, surely one thing, the number of potential customers will not be more when this teaching system is put on the mobile application. Because learning will be much more flexible in terms of time, place and of course bring more practical benefits to customers. What customers always want is "I can study anytime, anywhere, I do not want to waste any time". And this is the trend of online learning today.

- Therefore, if you want more information please do not hesitate to contact GooS via email GooStartup.com@gmail.com for advice and support.

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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