Use to manage project in a team

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Use to manage project in a team

1. What is

- is an online application website, enabling people to connect and work together on a small or large project, and wherever they are.

- is both free and chargeable. Here we only explore free functionality to help us manage project work with a few people on a team

2. What is Trello used for?

- Helping everyone in a team to manage a project quickly, easily, flexibly, effectively and safely.

- Trello can help everyone in a team to send text content, chat, send photo documents, videos, links to each other.

- Trello helps people know the specific tasks of everyone according to the progress of time, everyone knows who has completed, has not completed the tasks, but assisted and urged to accelerate.

- Trello helps manage documents and information of the project in one place, so it is easy to find and manage even though the project has been completed for a long time.

- Trello can synchronize data on Mobile, so people can follow the project anywhere.

- And there are many more functions ... but that is enough for a small team of a few people to use for free to achieve work efficiency already.

3. Who will use Trello?

- All those who participate in any project that contains information exchanging with each other.

3. Can Trello be used on Mobile?

- Trello has 2 versions for Mobile, IOS and Android.

- Everyone should install it on their Mobile to keep track of their work anywhere.

4. Instructions to install and use

Demo 1 case 1 small project management as follows:

- A customer A wants GooS to make a travel blog 100% for free.

- The two sides agreed, GooS assigned a friend B to do this Blog to communicate with customer A through the project management application

- This B friend enters to create an account, create a team of 2 people A and B, create some job requirements for customer A to provide some necessary information.

- You B create 1 link to send invitation to customer A from email of B via email of A

- Customer A enters his email box to activate this link to visit, then proceed to register or log in to his account. Then A will see some of the tasks in his Trello account created by B before.

- From here, A and B completely know each other and see all the information required of both parties. A and B start interacting back and forth, so that the tasks in turn will be completed.

- A and B can also install Trello on phones for easy work tracking wherever they are.

Below is a Video illustrating the steps above:

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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