Use Ultraviewer to support visually from far through computer

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Use Ultraviewer to support visually from far through computer

1. What is Ultraviewer?

- Is a computer software tool, helping people to help each other, support each other via the remote Internet to handle, guide some content, or computer problems for people who require support.

- Ultraviewer is a free, both paid and lightweight software, effective, easy to install.

- Here we only care about the free function is enough for our simple requirements.

2. What does Ultraviewer do?

- Ultraviewer creates a connection between two computers so that two computer drivers can access each other's computer, process, or guide a certain content.

- Ultraviewer can remotely control more than 2 computers.

- Ultraviewer can also chat live to support each other.

- Ultraviewer can also send files via computer.

3. How to use Ultraviewer for remote assistance through a computer screen

Demo 1 situation for using Ultraviewer:

- Friend A asks Mr. B to show him how to use a certain software, but you two are hundreds of kilometers apart.

- Of course, through Ultraviewer, you B can still help you A through this software.

- You B download and install Ultraviewer on your computer.

- You B alo by phone ask you to download and install Ultraviewer on the computer too.

- After both parties have installed Ultraviewer, you B will ask you to open Ultraviewer and send you B 2 important information to be able to access your device A, that is connect ID and Password. These two information will appear randomly on Ultraviewer's screen.

- In contrast, A user wants to access to your computer B, then A user also requires that B send me the connect ID and Password similar to the above.

- After having 2 of this information, now you enter B connect ID and Password into your Ultraviewer screen, if these 2 information is correct. Now you B will see your screen A, and can begin to support your requirements A okay.

- Just as simple as that, very simple and easy.

Please see the Video tutorial below:

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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