What is Blog?

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What is Blog?

1. What is a blog?

A blog is a form of website, exists in the form of an online journal, the blog writer can be an individual or a collective to write everything they want. But mostly each blog usually refers to one or several specific areas and they present it from an individual perspective based on knowledge and understanding, the process of their own experience.

The blogger is called Blogger. At first, blogs were only considered a personal hobby. Later after understanding the power of blogging. Blogs are becoming increasingly popular and becoming the leading marketing tool on the internet today ..

2. What is Blogging for?

Bloggers can have many different purposes, maybe just to write what they like to save life diaries, share joys and sorrows, personal feelings about life, ... But stop there is not Enough, anyone can make money with the blog why not take advantage? Moreover, many people use blogs to develop careers, jobs, create personal brands, ....

3. Why is Blog popular in the world?

Blogs in modern terminology are considered to be a business or an individual on the internet, which can earn unlimited income by marketing or selling products. Following the 4.0 technology trend, along with the explosion of internet and cloud computing. Modern businesses take full advantage of blogs as a potential product marketing tool. So most countries in the world take advantage of Blog as a marketing channel, promoting products for individuals and businesses.

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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