What is Landing Page?

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What is Landing Page?

The era of technology 4.0 online shopping is becoming more and more popular in the world, so what did you do to build personal and business brands on the internet. If your business is simply trading a few products and you want to increase the number of customers, Landing Page is a suitable choice for you to build a brand. It is simple but very effective because it focuses on the products they provide to customers, helping customers learn more about the product and thereby making purchasing decisions.

1. What is Landing Page? (referred to as Landpage)

Landing Page (also known as landing page) is a single website that individuals or businesses create in order to optimize the goal of finding potential customers. By creating a specific Landing page, you can effectively adjust the customer experience, give them the exact information they need, and Landpage owners will get some information from viewers.

Some of that information can be self-explanatory: Purchase, get customer information, download documents, install applications, attend events, pre-register, etc. Or any other marketing goals.

The application here will mean focusing on a single page, the reader drags from top to bottom to explore the content.

2. What types of landing pages are most often used?

Landing page has 3 main types:

- Landing page to collect potential customers (Lead Page): Landing page is responsible for calling customers to register events, fill out consulting information form, receive gifts, ...

- Landing page sales (Sales Page): Landing page is tasked to convince customers to make purchases or use the service.

- Landing page conversion page (Click-through Page): Landing page only uses the call to action button to redirect to another page, not using the registration form. Landing page provides full information about the product, leading customers to the shopping cart page of the main website.

⇒ Depending on the marketing purpose as well as the type of product / service, you can deploy different types of Landing pages in different ways.

3. Main purpose of Landing Page:

Landing Page was created to explain and guide readers to perform a certain behavior by building content to convince. The content will be presented in a beautiful layout, easy to see and read, suitable on all devices.

The behavior here will usually be:

- Buying / using services.

- Fill the form for advice, receive gifts

- Sign up for an account

- Download the application,

- Registration of events

- ... And some specific cases that are suitable for the marketing purpose of each specific product / service.

Each landing page will focus on one goal you want. Depending on your purpose, depending on the type of product / service, depending on how you market, it is possible to deploy landing page types that focus on your specific target type. So our goal when creating that landing page is to focus on one type and optimize it for our purpose.

Through the above article can help you have an overview of Landing Page, hopefully it can help you find out what is the means to help you build a brand for your individual as well as your business. Landing Page or Blog it is in your choice.

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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