What should I make the card as opening the bank account ?

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What should I make the card as opening the bank account ?

1. The first time opening a bank account

- If you open a bank account for the first time, you just think that opening an account has a card to withdraw money from an ATM. By default, if you do not have any other requirements, the bank will open you an account, this account has 2 main information you need to consider: Account number and ATM card. So this default Card is the domestic card, but domestic cards are only domestic payment and withdrawal.

- There are 2 cases when you cannot use Domestic Card to travel to neighboring countries and buy and sell goods online with foreign countries. You go to neighboring countries to travel and withdraw money at their country's ATMs, this is not possible. You go to a foreign sales website to buy a favorite product, you can not pay.

- So in the two cases above, you must think of making an international payment card for your current bank account. Usually you will do with a Visa card, or Master is able to solve 2 cases above right away. So you have 2 cards at this time, 1 domestic and 1 international, and this international card also withdraw money at ATMs in the country. So now it seems like we have an extra domestic card.

- A bank account will have many types of cards if we want, usually domestic cards, international payment cards Visa, or Master

2. Should you make a Visa, or Master card when you first open a bank account?

- Nowadays, the boundaries of buying and selling products, finding jobs, paying online with foreign countries are no longer limited, and this happens frequently. You may not need a Visa or Master Card at first, but after a while, you have many opportunities to make money from abroad, such as affiliate marketing business, selling traditional products that foreign customers love, We have the opportunity to travel to another country, transfer money or receive money from relatives, friends, etc.

- Therefore, think if it is the first time you open an account, you should ask the bank to do either Visa or Master card, whatever, but does not need to make domestic card, because Visa, or Master card can withdraw money from an ATM.

- In short, a Visa or Master card almost solve all your needs such as:

+ Withdraw money from domestic ATMs, withdraw money from foreign ATMs when traveling

+ Pay online when buying and selling products domestically or abroad

+ Combine with famous electronic wallets like Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, etc. to pay for international purchases.

+ Transfer money, receive money from relatives, friends in the country or abroad.

- Remember that both domestic and international Visa, Master cards, both types use the same number of accounts, so if your account is in trouble, these two cards are also unusable, reverse. normal use again. If there are any problems with payment, you should go to the nearest bank transaction office for assistance.

- Hope you will make the right decision when opening a bank account for the first time.

If you see this post is useful, please to share to many people !
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