Wrong thoughts about SEO on Google

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Wrong thoughts about SEO on Google

1. What is SEO?

- The English meaning is Search Engine Optimization, which means the optimization of the search engine (tool), in order to help improve the ranking of Blog, Landpage or website in general on search engines for readers throughout Where can find you easily. There are many search engines on the internet, but the most prominent is Google.

2. What are the benefits of SEO for Blog owners, Landpage, website in general?

- Increase search rankings on search engines, meaning that people find it easy to find our website in the first few pages of search engines.

- Demonstrate the effectiveness of our website compared to other websites

- Increase the rate of access to our website

- Helps to use cost effectively for marketing campaigns, which means that if SEO is good, we can save unnecessary advertising costs.

- Understanding the experience of readers, on search engines that have readers data analysis tools, based on this analysis tool, we can understand and identify potential customers.

- Increasing reliability for website owners, which means that if the rankings are good, our website will be searched a lot, which means our services and products have a foothold in the market.

- Help build, strengthen and develop a solid and long-term business brand. This means that with the above benefits, the associated brand will develop sustainably and permanently.

3. What jobs is SEO?

- We will do some work to be able to bring some benefits as mentioned above.

- The first thing is in the technical department developing Blog, Landpage, website. The task of this department is to apply technical standards in the software development process including, keyword optimization for the post title, keyword optimization for post content, keyword optimization for images. post, optimize keywords for search links, optimize keywords for website structure directory tree, etc. all information of the website that readers can find and interact with.

- The second job is very important for the Blog owner, Landpage, website. This task is to create content, including writing, images, videos, and audio. Content must be functional, have the best keywords for your marketing campaign. Content creation is a daily task and very important, always new, good, unique and beautiful content will always attract readers.

- The third thing is that the owner of the Blog, Landpage, website must use the analytical tools that the search engine has given us, in order to analyze the readers' experience to see that the content of our website has been match, best or not, and to promptly adjust content to match the trends, market trends, and experience of the readers.

- The fourth job is if it is possible to do, if it is not possible to do okay. It is the purchase of search engine ad placement to place our ads on the first pages. This is the fastest way to make our website known to readers easily. And this search engine helps us to rank high without too much readers' intervention.

4. Cost for SEO on Google like?

- To SEO on Google, there are 2 ways: the first way is to buy ad position of the Google search engine. Of course, you have to pay to buy, the cost will depend on your marketing campaign. The second way is free, which means we have to apply the keyword optimization techniques ourselves when building Blog, Landpage, website; we have to create content for the posts ourselves; we must analyze the reader's experience in order to make the appropriate adjustments to the SEO campaign.

- So SEO on Google is cost effective immediately, while SEO on Google for free, it takes technical expertise and requires longer time for effective SEO.

5. Unrealistic myths when using SEO on Google

- SEO to Google is completely free. This is not true, because Google has provided ad placement buy service on the first page of search engines.

- SEO to Google for free, but requires in a few days the readers can find themselves immediately. This is not true, because:

+ The search engine is nothing more than a server that stores user data, it must also have data to remember on its hard drive, and readers can access it regularly before it can be displayed.

+ The readers mainly rely on keywords, the proposed keywords for Blog, Landpage, websites are often very competitive, meaning that with one keyword, but there are billions of billions of Blog, Landpage, Other websites have the same keywords as ours.

+ Next, if the same keyword but there are many search results returned, it is not sure that our link will be on the first page that may be in the top 5, top 10 or more, etc. .

+ And then again, if there are many Blogs, Landpages, other websites that also use keywords like us but they have a very good, very unique content marketing strategy, then surely our search rankings will be lagging far behind to make room for the best-ranked links in the top pages.

+ The time it takes Google to remember you quickly or slowly depends entirely on the amount of traffic that has been there before, your creative content, your backlink placed elsewhere. Normally, a normal website will take at least 6 months for Google to remember your link.

- Our links will easily go to the top, which is not sure, because unless the service keyword, your product is unique, the search readers will immediately and definitely limit the link. Your will be on the first page of search engine. But today this is not possible, because the keyword of the service, the product is almost saturated, almost too popular in the market already. So the best way to buy ad position is that our link will be on the first page and at the top of the first page. But once you have purchased the ad position on the first page, but it is not sure that our link will be on the top, because the cost of buying ads is equally competitive, if you pay Google the best cost. is this possible.

- SEO to Google is easy, this is not true, because it involves a lot of technical, marketing content, ability to analyze user experience, financial investment costs. , etc.

- But, there is still a good strategy for SEO to Google if you do not want to pay any fee to Google, what is it, please read the next section, it will give you an overview.

6. Best experience to use SEO on Google for free

- Regarding technical SEO, (this section is for developers Blog, Landpage, website in general), you rest assured, because now the technology of building websites, knowledge of SEO for the website has been operated. Very good, so developers have to know what to do to optimize keywords, optimize technical content related to SEO for your website.

- For content creation, it is the most important part that requires more effort for Google to remember you. Why is content creation so important? Put simply, Google currently only prioritizes increasing search rankings for blogs, landpages, websites in general for quality content, useful for life, beauty and development for a sustainable life. Google has smart algorithms, optimal tools to do this, it understands what content is copied, what content is newly created, which keywords are useful for the language of life, etc. Therefore, we as content creators must pay special attention to these rules, if we are engrossed with the content that is not correct and not up to date with the provisions of Google, then certainly one thing Your link rankings will be lagged very deep behind. So we have to CREATE ... CREATE ... and CREATE everyday content to get Google rankings, this is the most orthodox and most durable way.

- Copy content is inevitable in the process of making marketing content, but must be creative in changing, refreshing it into your ideas, this is completely appropriate, because the real life is that they are. We need to learn from each other forever.

- Finding, researching and putting keywords into our website is very important, because keywords are the most important link for readers to find you. Therefore, keywords must be short, concise, unique and meaningful to make marketing more effective. Now that most of the keywords we want to use are already present in search engines, so identifying those keywords has practical significance is very important.

- Search engines like Google have a free analytics tool called Google Analytics, which helps us analyze the content related to the reader's experience, so that we know our SEO strategy is being met. problems that need removing, in addition to a few other analysis tools to support this.

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