Privacy policy

Privacy policy, secure personal information of service using person

We are "Online Startup Supporting Center". When we share and provide some information to reader, there are some contents which are forced to have to collect and use to make communication connecting with reader. Hence, in order to ensure these informations are privacy, it is necessary for us in communication process. We will pledge to ensure that information below is true with reality and get secreted by the best security technology:

1. Collecting personal information

- The information consits of : Fullname, Email, Phone, Facebook, Address, Requitement content of reader.

2. Using personal information

- We only use information above to connect communication and do some programs for readers.

- We pleldge and ensure that, these information are not allowed to use to 3th part.

3. The object to share personal information

- Information's own and our system local.

4. Change or remove all these information out this system

- In situation which these information is not important anymore, we get allowed to delete them out this system. And to ensure the data hide safely.

5. Our center is unique unit to use there informations

- Every informations please to touch to email "" to get consulted and support.